Finding the right guild


Finding the right guild

This is the tanslation of the guide "Ratgeber Gildensuche".


Table of content:

  1. What exactly is a guild?
  2. Do I want a guild?
  3. What guild fits me?
  4. When it´s time to search for a guild?
  5. What should I know, where do I have to look?
  6. The application


I often meet folks who don´t want to have something to do with guilds anymore, because they turned to the wrong people. There are many bad experiences, who could have been avoided, if they have had some tool wich helps them by there selection. No guild is alike (well, many are, but this is an other story)



1. What exactly is a guild?

GildenversammlungA guild or PA (Player Association) is a community or more likely a confederation of players with common interests respectively common goals. In some games they are named coporation or maybe clan (but in MMORPGs normaly nobody but jerks say clan). Many guilds unite themselves to more powerfull alliances.

Guilds and their alliances are (normally) supportet by the MMORP Client with widened management-interfaces and communication options. In many games guild-play has advantages compared to solo-play. Sadly, this often leads to pure purpose-associations where everyones interest is just his own advantage and advancement. A guild should be more than that.

Some therms you should need to know:

Mass-guilds: These are guilds with clearly more than 30 members. When you notice that it´s impossible getting to know every member a little bit more, then your guild is in this category for shure. There are few big guilds where social contacts between all members are distinctive. These are mostly slowly grown, older guilds (at least 1.5-2 years old).

Passage- or Newbie-guilds: I dont´t know if there is any official name for that. Anyway, it means guilds who have a high inflow and outflow of members. Applicants are affiliated fastly, selection doesn´t happen. Members gain experience and leave eventually, because the guild has not many to offer them. Regulary it lacks a uniting common purpose. Such a guild could only be recommended for complete newbies or people who play only some hours a week and also want some company.

Fun-guilds / Powergamer-guilds: For Fun-Guilds, the game is just amusement. Friendship and helping one another are more important than than achievements. There are few rules and intentions are rather spontaneosly. The activity of teammates can fluctuate highly.
Powergames-guilds are for players who look primary for in-game-achievements and sacrifice a great deal of their sparetime for that. Events take place often and regulary.  Announcement to such events has to be early and is obligatory. A typical powergamer-guild is a raid-guild or a pvp-guild.

Raid-guilds:  These are PA´s who are specialised to master particular Tasks/Dungeons continiously and "farming" items. If you want to play in a raid-guild you should bring some time with you, because clearing a dungeon can take hours. You should master your role in the team and obey orders.
Because the mix of the group is important for raid-guilds, they recruit mostly players who offer a profession they need and have the required equipment. Newbies and people who play only occasionaly have small chances.
If you have never been in a guild and your character is rather weak, such a guild would rather be a culture-shock for you ;).

PvP-guilds:  PvP stands for Player versus Player. In principle pvp- and raid-guilds looking similar. Only that here you play against other people. The requirements are the same if not higher as in raid-guilds.

RP-guilds/ OOC-guilds:  RP means role-play. OOC is the shortform of out-of-character: Like chatting about soccer scores or other non-ingame events ingame. Roleplay requires some acting-skills and the ability to imagine how the character / hero should behave in the game-world if it where real. If this is too boring or exausting for you, then you never should join a roleplay-guild and you have no bussiness regarding entering a roleplay-server of your particular game unless you follow the rules.
Of course, as the tolerant and socialy capable person you are, you will accept the ways of gaming of the others and don´t disturb them in their freetime-activities with provocation. If someone isn´t such a mature and thightened personality like you, gamemasters should (at least theroretically) care that  paying customers are not bothered by unsocial elements. Let us recognise that it where the roleplayers wo invented the whole genere we enjoy so immensely. So give them some credit for it!

No guild fits 100% in one of the mentioned schemes. In reality there are many different configurations.



2. Do I want a guild?

What statement suits you more?

Yesss, I want! The guild is great, everytime some action. I can play with other people and we are like a team. We exchange goods and learn from another. I like to help others guildmates when they need me. I participate in the organisation. Furthermore I like to discuss topics concerning the future of my guild. And i´m lucky to have enough time for the guildevents.

No, to hell with you! The Guild affords always my attention! Either I have to participate on boring events or unimportant polls and discussions. And then they say I have to give my Guildmates discounts when I want to sell them my stuff. At the top of all that they want me to pay taxes or give them some items for free! I want to play in peace. I don´t follow others. Now they want to cast me out, the say I´m always absent. Thats unbelievable!

Resumé: If you like to join a guild, you will be asked to participate and donate some of your ressources (time, wealth, stuff) to the good of the whole. Its not the purpose of a guild that you are the onlybody who gehts the benefits from it, the purpose is to help each other and to have fun together. If you only have in mind your own wellfare, then you will be removed quickly.




3. What guild fits me?

Thats simple: A guild wich members share the same goals and interests you have.

Okay, silly answer. Then you may not know exactly what you want and what is important to you. Just inquire about the interests that the others follow. Maybe there is something you like. If not: What about founding your own guild? There are many helpful  (and free!) guides and experts in the internet who can help you with that.
This site has one, but I´m sorry that I don´t have the time to translate it properly into english and keep it syncrone to the german version. A translation tool could do the trick but the results are awful! If anyone of you is a native english speaker wo would like translating it from german this would be great!



4. When it´s time to search for a guild?

In my personal opinion it is only making sense, when you have already tested the game for some days, like it as it is and see its potential to entertain you in far future as well.

Despite all euphoric reports – the only person you can count on in this matter is you! The Reporting in the print and online media, even forums and newsgroups is influenced by the big publishers. It is a fact that publishers pay magazines money for advertisements and cancel advertisementsplans and exclusive content if the articles are not written in their favor. Its a fact, that they hire people to make propaganda for them in all kinds of bigger communities and forums. Only newbies trusting promises in the MMO Market. The game sucks? There will be new content and a secret developer version? Please, don´t be so stupid!
All MMORPGs are unfinished when they are published and 95% stay that way.

Furthermore, history shows, that from all guilds who form bevor the official launch of a game, not the half makes it throug the first month and not about a quarter in the first six months.
Why is that? Many players suddenly recognize they took the wrong choice or have other preferences and migrate away. Either out of the game or to another Guild.
To spare you a disapointment you should be patient and wait some weeks after the official release. Then you will have a larger variety of guilds and the rate of success is higher. Don´t be afraid missing the train. There will be qualified guilds looking for members at any time.



5. What should I know, where do i have to look?

The outer apperance may lie. What is concealed behind a pretty disguise is not to be uncovered on first sight.  The disguise might be an award winning desinger homepage, appearling movies, a big list of members, the recitation of in-game-"achievements" as well as the promise of riches and "influence". This is only the top of the iceberg and at last not realy important.

Don´t let you fool so easily by some marketing, better mind this:

  • Are there nominal members or twinks (second chars of one member) in the guildlist pushing the membercount?
  • Is there a high fluctuation of members, hinting on a bad social fabric?
  • How do the members act to another, how helpful are they?
  • Is there an accumulation of isolated groups within the PA?
  • Is the guildleadershp inclined to despotism or does every member has it´s ear?
  • How much influence on decisions do you have with full membership?
  • What positions can members take in this guild? Are some restricted to the "guild-aristocrates" and why?
  • What are your duties?
  • How much presence-time is expected from you?
  • Are there taxes, is the share fair?
  • What is the amount of activity of other members? Beware of guilds with many inactive members!
  • Are there many willing helpers in the organisation?
  • Are your intrerests and the activities of the guild congruent?
  • For RP-guilds: How does the PA define good roleplay? (Not every guild whith the RP label has roleplay inside!)
  • Do you fit in the community?

You might not see it at first – but believe me – outwardness is totaly unimportant for having a good time. They only prove efficient to lure new members and can improve the self-respect of some persons. And that is needed only by groups who don´t have much else to offer.
In a sucessfull guild advertisement is done by reputation, in-game contacts, word of mouth and interesting posts in forums.


So how do you look for your guild?

Try to find a guild mainly by your contacts in-game, secondly by reading informative posts and thirdly (only if necessary) by reading guildlists, homepages and guild-advertisements.

If you know all answers to your important questions, if you know the goals of the guild, if you like the members – then you may have found the right guild. If not, you should simple continue your search. There is such a huge offer, everyone should find something.

Be selective! Be picky! You can afford it!



6. The application

Serious guilds require a proper application or introduction in-game. Of course in best english. Some have exact views how this has to be done. If you search for it, you will often find application-forms or lists of content. A good application shows that you are highly motivated and well informed.

If you find nothing or want to have some additional clues you can use this list as a guideline sorted by descending importance:


  • Name of your character and information of his/her class / skills / profession etc.
  • (optional) The in-game fraction wich you have sworn your allegiance
  • On what basis you made the decision for joining this particular guild and what you expect
  • What members of that guild you already know and what has been your business with them (or if they where your business ;)).
  • Your expirience with the game or in-game; your "achievements"
  • Your personal goals
  • (optional: roleplay) Your definition about roleplay
  • (optional: roleplay) The backgound of your character
  • Your age and some other personal information
  • How much free-time you plan to spend with your guild
  • The guilds you where bevore and the tasks you have performed for them
  • Other MMORPs (MASSIVE Multiplayer) you played (Diablo and other multiplayer RP games which don´t  realy count here).



This is all you should know. I would be delighted if you recommend my website.

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